Lindsey was raised with the understanding that when workers do better, we all do better. She has a history of being a fighter for working families and as your State Senator, Lindsey will continue to fight with you.

I have focused my career on fighting for workers’ rights, because I believe that these rights are, in a greater sense, human rights. I believe that by protecting working families, supporting our small businesses and investing in our children through public education, we will create healthier, safer communities for all of our citizens.

Lindsey Williams for PA State Senate District 38

Standing up for Workers and Good-Paying Jobs

Growing up in a union household, I have been a lifelong advocate for working families. We must invest in roads and bridges, require companies to pay a family-sustaining wage, and protect workers’ ability to collectively bargain.


As go our schools, so goes our community. Our current students are our region’s economic, civic, and artistic future and therefore, it is critical that we invest in the education resources that are key to that successful future.

Lindsey Williams Education
Lindsey Williams Health Care

Health Care

Healthcare is a human right and all Pennsylvanians should have access to high-quality healthcare.


I support a Fair Share Tax Plan that would close the structural deficit and provide revenues necessary to meet the needs of the state while also sparing low-and-middle-income residents from shouldering the additional tax burden.

Issue Taxes Lindsey Williams
Lindsey Williams Women's Rights

Women's Rights

Women's rights are human rights. We must bring about a more equitable workforce with equal pay for equal work, and continue to fight all attempts that restrict a woman's right to choose.